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Safe212 has been proven to destroy>99.99% of SARS-CoV-2.

CE Approved!

CE is the equivalent of the FDA of Europe.

We are a company dedicated to developing solutions to help you live safer. Independent Government, GMP, and Academic Laboratories have tested our deep science technology and they claim it is constantly working to fight off harmful germs like bacteria, fungi and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. We have also received our CE Approval certification.


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Are you worried about your loved ones getting sick frequently? Or having a germ-free environment at your workplace? We've got you covered, literally!

Designed by scientists

“Safe ProduX is backed by an inhouse panel of science experts, always creating solutions for your safety”.


Our water-based solution bonds to the surface, creating an invisible shield against pathogens.


“The Government, GMP, and US and India Academic Laboratories show that the activated Safe 212 Molecule provides continuous microbial and bacterial destruction to protect its environment".

How does SafeProduX
Technology work?

01 The active Safe 212 Molecule is attached to the surfaces..

02 Negatively charged pathogens get drawn to the positive charged Safe 212 Molecule.

03 The Government, GMP, and US and India Academic Laboratories claim that the pathogen's outer membrane gets ruptured on contact, making it ineffective and harmless.