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Safe ProduX are leaders in hygiene technology, backed by a team of eminent scientists, engineers and textile technologists. We empower the lives of billions of people by ensuring the highest standards of hygiene for everyday products. Our antimicrobial and antiviral solutions are long-lasting and assist in controlling the spread of infection and address the health care needs of individuals and institutions. Safe ProduX has engineered a range of products that are proven to be safe, effective and long-lasting. Our proprietary molecule has been verified and tested by leading labs in the USA and India. We are dedicated to provide solutions that safeguard the health and well-being of people. Our aim is to enable people to create a safer environment with our active molecule, a unique technology that is essential to protect people against the given crisis.

Test Reports

Read our official reports from well renowned labs in the USA and India.


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Designed by scientists

Safe ProduX is backed by a panel of experts and scientists.


Our water-based solution bonds to the surface, creating an invisible shield against pathogens.


The activated 212 molecule provides continuous microbial and bacterial destruction.


Dr.Anand Anandkumar


Co-Founder & CEO of Bugworks Co-Founder of Cellworks Former MD of Spincircuit & Magma India Co-founder of India Semiconductor Association Treasurer ABLE Member of Board of AMR Industry Alliance India advisory board member of GARDp

Dr.Jogin Desai


Co-founder and CEO of Eyestem Ex Quintiles [Head of cardiac safety business], Former CEO of Cenduit, the world's largest standalone randomization company. A joint venture of Quintiles and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Mr. Nitish Sathyanarayan


Co-Founder-Ariyan Products Prime Minister's Fellow, insteam CLL and Evolva [Swiss Tech company] 7 years of training in biochemestry and genomics with 15 research publications.

Mr. Ashok Vohra


Founder of Evoma, an ecosystem designed for business incubation and for entry of organization into India. Former chairman of Esco Singapore company with operating infrastructure is most Asia pacific countries An ex IBM sales and marketing executive.


Ms.Sofia Nguyen

Co - founder

Co Founder and CEO of Safe FabriX. Sofia has owned and managed multimillion dollar companies in Asia for an early age. Her family is highly connected in the Vietnamese and Asian community.


Mr.Sushil John


Mr. Sushil is an expert in Marketing and Sales. He has managed Multi Million Dollar projects in Europe, India, and Asia in general.

Dr.Tony Serna

Co - founder

His 30+ year business experience as a business owner and investor, coupled with a vast relational rolodex of decision makers is positioning SF as a leader globally. His knowledge and experience within the government, corporate, and religious business provides unique opportunities from different perspectives.