How does SafeProduX
Technology work?

01 The active Safe 212 Molecule is attached to the surfaces..

02 Negatively charged pathogens get drawn to the positive charged Safe 212 Molecule.

03 The Government, GMP, and US and India Academic Laboratories claim that the pathogen's outer membrane gets ruptured on contact, making it ineffective and harmless.

SafeProduX has activated outermost and innermost layers that are proven to kill
Viruses and has the ability to self sanitize

SafeProDux Regular Mask
Kills virus YES NO
Kills Bacteria YES NO
Reusable upto 30 Washes YES NO
Cotton comfort for Breathability YES NO
Blocks virus & bacteria YES YES
Blocks dust, dirt & allergies YES YES

Frequently asked questions

1 How is the SafeProduX mask different from other masks?

It helps prevent/stop infections reaching the person wearing the mask, which are substantial factors in the fatalities of the infected person. The mask can be washed upto 30 times without losing any of its efficacy, and is usable upto 90 days effectively, as it needs to be washed once after every 3 uses. The SafeProuX mask is comfortable to wear and easy to breath and talk in.

2 Who has developed the SafeProuX mask ?

SafeProduX has been developed by “Impres”, a team of world renowned scientists and businessman. Impres is located and operates out of CCamp [Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms] countries leading in biotech inclubation. The technology has been Developed in india scientists snd it is a proudly ‘Made in India’ product.

3 Is the SafeProduX mask competitively priced compared to other masks with the same specs ?

We have used cutting edge technology in a highly scalable and cost-effective manner. We are, perhaps, the most competitively priced mask of its class in the world, costing you only ₹ 2.22/- per use.

4 Can the mask be used in a medical facility?

Our mask is far superior to many masks used in medical facilities. However, we have Chosen to direct our efforts to protecting the people at large and help reduce/slow down the spread of COVID-19 Virus. We are in the process of getting certification for our mask to be used in medical facilities. This Process will be completed in the next 4 months. .

5 Why there are no VALVES in the
SafeProduX masks?

Since our masks are designed by scientists, we are aware of the negative effects of Valves. The masks with valves protect the people wearing them, but do not stop virus Droplets from escaping and infecting others. Most of the masks with valves were designed for construction workers to keep out dust and particles, and not for a pandemic like the COVID-19 virus.

6 Where and when should I wear the mask?

Any person who is out in the open, or at his/her office or hospital or place of worship or School/College or supermarket/shop, should be wearing the SafeProduX Mask. SafeProduX Masks are proven to stop the spread of bacterial infections and Respiratory viral diseases, including COVID-19 virus